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Big Innovation Centre is the appointed Secretariat for APPGs AI and also expert on Digital Transformation. These forums offer a unique opportunity for industry, expert academics, amongst other to engage in the policymaking and legislative processes and contribute to shaping a better future.

Introducing our Think Tank

Welcome to Big Innovation Centre’s award-winning Think Tank. We are dedicated to driving innovation in AI, digital and beyond. As a ‘do-tank,’ we do not just generate innovative ideas; we help to implement them as well.

Big Innovation Centre’s Think Tank offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses stay ahead in the rapidly-evolving realm of technology.

Introduction to All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs)

All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) are informal all-party groups in UK Parliament. They are run by and for Members of the Commons and Lords. They are permanent voices within the UK parliament on subject matters.

As the appointed Secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI) Big Innovation Centre plays a crucial role in supporting discussions on digital transformation within Westminster and advocacy for policies that unlock a vibrant as well as a competitive digital economy. Big Innovation Centre and the APPGs we serve as Secretariat for have always adhered to anti-lobbying and transparency guidelines. 

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Big Innovation Centre's Think Tank offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses stay ahead in the rapidly-evolving realm of technology.

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Why choose our Think Tank?

Our think tank boasts a team of accomplished experts from various backgrounds. Our team leverages its wealth of knowledge and experience to provide our clients with unparalleled think tank, networking, and research assistance.

Big Innovation Centre takes a holistic approach to problem-solving, working closely with our clients as ecosystem partners. a holistic solution aims to generate sustainable, effective, and resilient outcomes. We encourage a shift from fragmented and reactive approaches to a more integrated and proactive mindset. This include taking comprehensive view of the situation, considering all relevant aspects, stakeholders, and variables. We work interdisciplinary using systems thinking and have a long-term multi-dimensional orientation. Our think tank approach is participatory and inclusive.

As a leading think tank we have built an extensive network of thought leading experts, including innovators and intellectuals, prominent entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders across all industries, as well as investors and policy leaders. We leverage our network to provide our clients with access to the relevant people and purposeful activities.

We are passionate about advancing the conversation on emerging technologies and their impact on business and society. Our team regularly publishes thought-provoking content, hosts exclusive events which contribute to the shaping future business models, new corporate governance forms, as well as technology adoption into policy and digital infrastructures.

We believe in the power of collaboration and diverse perspectives. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with our clients and network to foster an environment where everyone can contribute unique and interesting ideas, learn from each other, benchmark their strategies, and be inspired.

Why join the APPGs?

This is an exciting new opportunity to get involved with the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) and be at the forefront of innovation adoption in policy frameworks, regulatory structures, and public consultations affecting business, markets and society. Here are some reasons why one should consider joining the APPG AI:

As your go-to source for information and updates, we provide a unique platform for you to hear from policymakers and decision-makers, stay up-to-date on the latest policy and regulatory developments including public consultations as well as share best practices with other participants, and keep abreast of industry trends.
By participating in our policy forums and evidence sessions, you have the chance to engage with key stakeholders and ask questions. As we shape the future of AI, Blockchain, and Digital Finance, you will have a unique opportunity to impact the digital market infrastructure, business models, and the social, political, and regulatory landscape for years to come.
At Big Innovation Centre, our unique receptions provide an excellent platform for high-level networking with APPG participants. By attending our events, you will have the chance to connect with other professionals, build relationships with industry leaders, policy makers, innovators, and experts, and expand your professional network significantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) are cross-party groups of UK Parliamentarians who share a common interest in a particular policy area, industry, or region. They are run by and for Members of the Commons and Lords.

Big Innovation Centre appointed by UK Parliament as the Secretariat for APPG AI and APPG Blockchain. We organise meetings, produce briefings and reports while holding roundtable conferences and receptions with APPG members and external stakeholders.

Our APPGs are open to all our members, sponsors and co-sponsors and expert guests interested in the policy area covered by the APPG. Join us today by selecting a membership, sponsorship, or co-sponsorship package, or suggest a guest who you think should take part.
You can join a Corporate Member (please contact us by filling in the form below, or email partnerships@biginnovationcentre.com for more information on joining the APPGs. If you wish to join as an individual, please go ot our networking platform Pavilion https://bicpavilion.com/ )
Joining our APPGs provides a valuable opportunity to engage in policy forums, evidence meetings and receptions, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments. You will be able to contribute to policy debates and network with others. If you wish to join as an individual, please go ot our networking platform Pavilion https://bicpavilion.com/ )

The frequency of meetings for each APPG varies, but each APPG typically meet 6 to 10 time per year. Meetings are usually held in Parliament, and some are hybrid online. These meetings are open to all APPG members and guests.

Yes, non-UK nationals can join our APPGs as long as they have an interest in the policy area covered by the APPG and can contribute to its work. All participants must be on the guest list to attend meetings held in Parliament.
Big Innovation Centre is one of London’s leading think tanks that provides consultancy, networking, and research assistance for emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, fintech, security, and the Metaverse.
Our Think Tank boasts a team of accomplished experts from diverse backgrounds in emerging technologies, policy, and innovation. Led by our CEO Professor Birgitte Andersen, we leverage our knowledge and experience to lead innovation.
Big Innovation Centre’s Think Tank provides customised solutions tailored to meet our client’s specific requirements. We provide our clients access to an extensive network of experts, innovators, and policymakers from multiple industries.
You can engage with Big Innovation Centre’s Think Tank by attending our exclusive events, subscribing to our newsletters, and following us on social media. You can also contact us directly to learn more about our services.

We specialise in many emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Crypto, Fintech, Security, Web3 and Metaverse. We work with various industries, with our primary focus being AI, blockchain technology and digital finance.

Big Innovation Centre continues beyond ideation; it takes action. As a “do-tank,” we generate innovative ideas and put them into practice to make a tangible impact on the world. Our team is committed to working with organisations to drive positive change.
You can participate in our innovation challenges, attend our events and webinars, or become a member by selecting any of our membership packages. Our members will gain access to a network of experts, resources, exclusive events and more.

Drive Positive Change Through Think Tank & APPGs

If you are interested in participating in our forum, you can submit an expression of interest through our contact form. We are constantly seeking industry partners and experts to join us in shaping the conversation and advancing policy solutions in these areas.

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