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Committed to Professional Development, Big Innovation Centre offers timely and bespoke Professional Programmes to assist with your upskilling and be future-ready!  Join our premier online Learning Lab designed for professional development and unlock your full potential!

Learning Lab

Welcome to the Learning Lab, where innovation meets education! We offer accredited professional development courses on digital transformation, AI, blockchain, IPRs, finance, and other topics. You will gain knowledge and tools from industry leaders and renowned academics that will enable you to excel in today’s world of ever-evolving skills requirements, innovations and changing business landscapes. Invest in your strategic goals, starting today!

The Premiere Choice for Professional Development

Our Learning Lab offers:

Flexible, self-paced courses that can be tailored to your unique learning style.

Bespoke training portals for your business with the courses you need to upskill and refresh your employees.

Professional CPD-accredited certifications are awarded after completion.

Our business services

The Learning Lab is your destination for top-quality continuing professional development and training. Our range of comprehensive courses and personalised learning experiences include:

Why choose us

Big Innovation Centre has received Dual Accreditation by the UK Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standardisation body, meaning that Big Innovation Centre is an accredited trainer of excellence and that our courses are also accredited. ​

We understand that every learner is unique. We offer personalised learning experiences that cater to your specific needs and goals. You can learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and from anywhere in the world.

Learners can delve deeply into the fields of Management, AI, Blockchain and more to earn an esteemed Expert Certificate. Alternatively, if you aspire to become a leader and attain a Leadership Certificate, you can elevate your skills through our comprehensive programs.

Professionals and businessses do not only want to upskill or develop professionally, but they also wish to achieve an accredited certificates for their efforts. Professionals who complete our courses are granted certificates that demonstrate their skills and knowledge to employers, industry and clients, or for individual CV purposes. Validate your skillbase and get certificated today!

Learn from the movers and shakers! Our cutting-edge courses include expert knowledge from renowned academics, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and top business leaders. You will also gain expert knowledge from a suite of thought-provoking influencers and policy leaders.

Our courses are designed to be flexible, so you can fit learning into your busy schedule. Whether you are a working professional, a learner, or just looking to upskill, we have a course that will fit your needs.

Invest in Your Success

Our proven track record endures the test of time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Learning Lab is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of unique and comprehensive courses on cutting-edge disciplines, including digital transformation, AI, blockchain, IPRs, digital finance, and other innovation-related subjects.

Our courses are designed by certified industry experts and renowned academics with extensive subject knowledge and experience, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge for professional development.

Yes, the impact of accreditation by the UK Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standardisation body of Big Innovation Centre and its courses means that industries and the public sector can officially use the courses for professional development for their employees. ​
Each course utlises professional experts from academia or industry. Most are not professional educators or teachers, but they provide useful knowledge for your professional upskilling and learning. In order words, with our Learning Lab, you are uniquely placed to learn directly from the movers and shakers in the professional and academic world. Our frontier courses include expert knowledge from elite academics, leaders of science, innovators and entrepreneurs, and top business leaders and those involved in policy formation. ​
Your learning resources are different for each course, but typically (not always) include online videos of master classes or case examples, booklets and quizzes to self-test your knowledge. ​

Learners can benefit from self-paced learning at any time and any place, as the course is online. You can access the course over a longer period (course description for details as each course is different), which provides you with plenty of time to finish it according to your circumstances.​

The main target learner for each course is listed with the course description. Generally, our certified courses are in bespoke areas relevant to managers of businesses, engineers, entrepreneurs, research and technology centres, investors, policymakers and civil servants.

You must go to the Learning Lab website’s FAQ section (  where we address all questions in relation to registration, payment, certification, and course information.
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