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The Innovators magazine showcases exceptional individuals and teams who drive innovation and shape the future. Explore captivating narratives and inspiring profiles of visionary leaders who redefine industries, pioneer groundbreaking solutions, and leave an indelible mark. Immerse yourself in their remarkable stories, gain profound insights into their strategic approaches, and be inspired by their unwavering dedication and pursuit of excellence. 

Introducing The Innovators: Edition I

Be the disruptor – not the disrupted!
If there’s one word that epitomises the spirit of our modern era, it’s “disruption.” Throughout history, visionary individuals and companies have reshaped industries and transformed the world through ground-breaking innovations. From the likes of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Jack Ma to the rise of Silicon Valley …
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Introducing The Innovators: Edition II

Navigating the Frontiers of Innovation
Can Google face obsolescence within a short span of time if a superior search engine algorithm emerges? Should it take cues from Facebook, which strategically responded to the rise of WhatsApp by making substantial investments as a countermeasure? Could the widespread use of Apple’…
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 is that yardie coach who high-fives you on every little win. 
Like many of us stranded at home during the COVID lockdowns, data scientist and machine learning engineer Pearce Jarrett turned to online exercise regimes as a way of staying fit. But also, like most of us, he found it hard to stay motivated on his living room floor while watching someone…
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Taking privacy seriously
A few days before the conversation took place with Simon Randall, founder of Pimloc, an item appeared in a UK newspaper which perfectly illustrated the issue that the company is seeking to address..
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The Tribe Project

Harnessing AI and Smart Cities technology to tackle care inequality
Many of the challenges we face as a society require the same spirit of enterprise and creativity seen in the commercial sector to be brought to bear in the public and voluntary sector. A great example is what Richard Howells and his team are doing with the Tribe Project, which is about applying big..
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Using AI to drive fan engagement
Over the past few years, fan engagement has become a huge area of focus for the sports and entertainment industry. Yet, despite this massive potential market, it was not immediately obvious to Andy Doyle, founder of Filmily, that this was the direction he should have been looking in when the germ of…
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Making drugs safer
Some of the best ideas are the simple ones. But having a simple idea is no guarantee that translating it into a working commercial product is going to be easy. Ask Helen Maddock.
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Combatting sexual predation, radicalisation and online abuse
Online grooming and radicalisation are major problems for our societies. Successfully prosecuting sexual assault cases is particularly challenging: with the rise of live streaming and mobile phone use, law enforcement agencies are faced with an almost infinite amount of social media data to trawl…


Just scratching the surface so far
There are some technologies for which there is an obvious application staring you in the face. There are others which have so many potential applications, that it is hard to know where to start. Such was the predicament that Matthew Mayes and his business partner Claudio Piovesana, an Italian ..
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Deep Render

Will it be winner takes all?
File compression is one of those ubiquitous technologies that you only notice when it goes wrong. Like when you want to watch the winning goal from last night’s final on your phone and it won’t download, or show wedding footage to your friends, not to mention that all-important Zoom meeting …
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Cambridge Spark

Raoul-Gabriel Urma has a plan to solve “the biggest skills gap we have ever seen”
“Every organisation knows they have data, but nobody really knows what to do with it” says Dr. Raoul-Gabriel Urma, founder and CEO of Cambridge Spark. “If you don’t do anything with your data, your business will likely not survive.” It is this huge knowledge gap that Cambridge Spark was set…
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Aux Open Music

A tech-minded drummer pioneers a smarter way of making music
Ben Bowler has spent “years being around studios and musicians”. When he was young, his father trained him up as a jazz and funk drummer, and a career in and around the music industry followed. But there’s another common thread in Bowler’s life and career. He is a lifelong “techy”. When he…
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Spectra Analytics

A tight knit group of data scientists wants to make the world a better place

Dr Marcus Ong’s business mantra is the same approach he learnt as a science student at university: “always question everything.” It was that instinct that drove him to transform a by-the-by consultancy firm into an innovative software company focussed on artificial intelligence solutions to the…
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– is that yardie coach who high-fives you on every little win.

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