Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance with Magna Carta Blockchain Forum


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Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance with Magna Carta Blockchain Forum launch in London today by the award-winning innovation think-tank Big Innovation Centre in collaboration with Magna Carta International Innovation Centre of the historical Magna Carta Island.


Combining Blockchain Technology and Sustainability on one Global Platform that aligns National Plans and Business Strategies.

Big Innovation Centre and Magna Carta International Innovation Centre will co-lead a curated international peer-group of business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and renowned academics with policymakers focused on blockchain applications and governance, as a response to combat urgent global sustainability issues.

The group will come together in a Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance. The flagship activity which will inform the Council through extensive crowdsourcing of knowledge and evidence for betterment through blockchain is Magna Carta Blockchain Forum.

The purpose of the Council is to address global governance issues of blockchain innovation and implementation. The Council, in particular, seeks to:

  • Think forward about and align Blockchain innovation, national plans, business strategies, investment, research, regulation and governance.
  • Ensure societal and environmental opportunities are unlocked from purposeful Blockchain adoption.
  • Address urgent global topics where Blockchain can make a positive difference. They are sustainability & climate change, combatting poverty, health care systems, smart contracts, investment, sports games, food, influence & voting systems, data governance, security and fraud, crime-tech, purposeful crypto economy, payment-systems, digital finance, education, happiness, smart cities, and culture.

The co-chairs of the Council are:

  • Professor Birgitte Andersen, CEO of Big Innovation Centre
  • Professor Yu Xiong, President of Magna Carta International Innovation Centre

Professor Birgitte Andersen said:

“Blockchain technology is becoming ripe, and the opportunity is urgent. Through Blockchain, we will combine data silos of the environment and plastics, security and fraud to digital finance and elite sport management, and so forth. This will provide a single version of the truth of what is happening and how we can co-create a more sustainable future”.

Professor Yu Xiong said:

“Historically, the Magna Carta as a long-standing movement toward broader applicability of rule-of-law opened a new era for people’s rights. Symbolically and similarly, Blockchain as a strong assurance in decentralised context created a frontier of economic activity. Though 800 years apart, they both have been enforced consistently and objectively. Now we are delighted to let you know today, the two will be put on one plate in this new joint initiative, Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance with Magna Carta Blockchain Forum.”


Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance with Magna Carta Blockchain Forum is an initiative of:

Big Innovation Centre which was appointed by UK Parliament as Secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain), and All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI), since 2017, until the current pause of such initiatives due to the General Election.

Big Innovation Centre is an award-winning innovation think-tank and innovation hub providing professional services for businesses and public bodies, and which won Think-Tank of the Year, December 2018 and December 2019 (PRCA Public Affairs awards). Big Innovation Centre is based in London and with offices in the Middle East. Registered in England and Wales No. 8613849

Magna Carta International Innovation Centre, under Magna Carta Island, which is a contender for being the place where, in 1215, King John sealed the Magna Carta distributing the power to the people. Magna Carta is soften cited by politicians and campaigners as an important symbol of liberty today.

Magna Carta Island International Innovation Centre (MCIC) is establishing itself as a respectable think tank with a global remit, beyond the UK. Operating from headquarters both in on the Island and in the centre of London (4 Christopher Street, London), MCIC seeks to serve as a forerunner of cutting-edge technological innovation, market transformation and cross-cultural collaboration

For information regarding this press release or for contact:

Professor Birgitte Andersen, CEO of Big Innovation Centre,, +44 (0)7944783648

Professor Yu Xiong, President of Magna Carta International Innovation Centre, 07901520040

Big Innovation Centre |  20 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0NF
Telephone +44 (0)20 3713 4036 | Web | Twitter @BigInnovCentre

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