PRESS RELEASE: The UK and in particular, London, is becoming a true innovation and investment epicentre for everything AI.



Artificial Intelligence Industry in the UK Landscape Overview:
Companies, Investors, Influencers and Trends

The UK has a virtuous circle of growth in AI development, investment, deployment, and adoption: The UK and in particular, London, is becoming a true innovation and investment epicentre for everything AI.
The online press launch is open to the media: 15 December 2021, 13:15 pm [RSVP here]

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Today we are launching the most comprehensive overview ever produced of the UK AI Industry. The analysis and report entitled “AI Industry in the UK Landscape Overview: Companies, Investors, Influencers and Trends” are products of our Innovation Eye IT Platform and powered by Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics. It is a new 2021 version of our 2018 analysis and report which was originally published in dialogue with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI) which contained the first comprehensive mapping of the UK AI landscape.

We show the rapid pace of which the UKs’ AI industry is developing. We do this by analysing more than 2000 AI-centric companies and 1500 investors who invested £13 billion into the UK’s AI sector, and more than 90 hubs with AI programmes (including think tanks, tech-hubs, doctoral training centres, and events companies). The report also identifies more than 150 influencers and experts in the AI space (divided into specific areas of practical application, including Policy, Business, Academia, and Think Tanks).

Our main findings are:

UK’s AI Funding Landscape:
Funding includes investments, donations, grants and subsidies.
  • The total funding to the UK’s AI industry to date is £13.8bn. Funding to the AI sector generally began around 2010. The total growth in the funding to the UK’s AI industry over the past 3 years [2019-2021] is £9bn.
  • The total number of investors in UK’s AI investors who have provided this funding now exceeds 1500 investors, and the total growth in the number of investors in the AI industry over the past 3 years [2019-2021] is about 900.
  • The top 3 AI sectors which have received AI funding are Fintech, Marketing & Advertising and Health (got ca 60% of total AI funding), and the top 15 UK AI companies by Total Funding got ca 26% of this funding provided over the past 3 years [2019-2021]

 UK’s AI Industry Demographics:

  • The total number of AI companies (start-ups and scaleups) in the UK now exceeds 2000, which is double that of three years ago, so we have experienced a growth of ca 1000 AI companies over the past 3 years [2019-2021].
  • 65% of UK’s AI start-ups and scale-up companies are headquartered in London.
  • The top 3 AI sectors by number of companies are Marketing & Advertising, FinTech, and Consulting (constitute ca 47% of Total AI companies)
The 90-page report and online analytics is described in text, data, graphics, and interactive online mind maps containing hundreds of websites which breaks down investment on a company-by-company basis more than £13 billion worth of investment into UK AI companies and maps our entire AI ecosystem (companies, investors, influencers, and trends).
Stay tuned for our press launch or read the press release or summary to find out:
  • Does the UK have the required resources to become a global hub for Artificial Intelligence?
  • In which region do we find the UK’s true innovation and investment epicentre for everything AI?
  • Has the UK marshalled enough resources across the industry, government, academia and thought leadership to build an innovation and investment ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence development, applications and cooperation? 
  • Does the UK’s AI strategy have the resources, political will and suitable regulation to cement a global leadership position for our AI industry?

Speakers include:

Parliamentarians, policymakers, and experts from different industry sectors will discuss the role of AI in the economy, its growing importance and current trends.

Lord Clement-Jones CBE – APPG AI Co-Chair
Stephen Metcalfe MP – APPG AI Co-Chair
Professor Stuart Russell – British computer scientist and founder of the
Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence, UC Berkeley
Dr Scott Steedman: Director of Standards at British Standards Institution (BSI)
Charles Kerrigan: Partner CMS Law

The Press Launch will be led by Professor Birgitte Andersen, CEO of Big Innovation Centre and Dmitry Kaminskiy, CEO of Deep Knowledge Group. They will present the results of the UK AI Industry Landscape Overview 2021.

There will be an opportunity to share your opinion and raise questions

Inquiries regarding the Press Launch:

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