Awarded “Leading Specialists for Inspiring Innovation – UK”.

Big Innovation Centre has been awarded: Leading Specialists for Inspiring Innovation – UK

Big Innovation Centre is delighted to announce that the company has been awarded: Leading Specialists for Inspiring Innovation – UK. It was by SME News’ fourth annual Greater London Enterprise Awards 2020!

  • Big Innovation Centre is featured in their SME News Magazine Q4 (page 39)
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Feature of Big Innovation Centre in SME Magazine Q4 (page 39)


Innovation Inspiration


Innovation is a key word that is thrown around a lot these days, but what does it mean to be truly innovative? Big Innovation Centre understands exactly what it means to be innovative, driving change and bringing together some of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs and executives of the world’s biggest companies with some of the key decision-makers in policy and regulation. Find out more about this exceptional firm as we take a closer look at why it deserved the title of Leading Specialists for Inspiring Innovation – UK in this years’ Greater London Enterprise Awards from SME News Magazine.

Big Innovation Centre is a think-tank and innovation communications consultancy that boasts one of the fastest growing technology and innovation networks in the world. As has already been mentioned, the firm seeks to bring together entrepreneurs and executives in pursuit of innovation that can change lives for the better. Partnering with key decision-makers in the policy and regulation arenas, Big Innovation Centre works to co-shape the future with artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital economies at the centre. The emerging role of digital transformation, intangible assets, and creative disruption in the form of social movements is very high on the agenda. Big Innovation Centre aligns emerging technological opportunities, business model strategies, and national plans to push innovation whilst promoting knowledge sharing and the public image of companies through open projects, networking, communications, and showcasing.

There are many companies that claim to work innovatively, or in innovation itself. What stands Big Innovation Centre apart from the competition it faces is the fact that the entirety of the firm is future-facing, using cutting-edge research and thought leadership whilst holding the top skills of convening co-creation in practice, not just in theory. The firm also has access to, and participation from, top decision-makers in various industries through long-lasting communities and relationships with businesses, innovators, policy leaders, and entrepreneurs. As with many other firms that work in innovation, Big Innovation Centre also follows key industry trends and goes where the data leads. The key trends in the industry at the moment is about addressing the current digital transformation that clients face. This challenge has become even more prevalent and emergent with the COVID-19 crisis going on.  To be continued below.


… Continued


New and emerging industry trends and the challenges presented by COVID-19 takes multiple forms, and the various groups of Big Innovation Centre are facing them. For technology implementors, the challenges are business and industry adoption of artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital into business models, how financial transactions and trade are conducted, and data governance. For developers and investors in digital and other emerging technologies, the challenges lie in uncertainty and risks around data regulation and new standards of emerging technologies. Lastly, the challenges for many clients of Big Innovation Centre revolve around the fact that these new technologies are ecosystem technologies, and they only work jointly within industry networks, in combination with government policy adoption and citizen participation.

The team at Big Innovation Centre are all excellent communicators, creative, and highly educated. They are what brings the ecosystem-stakeholders together and empower the decision-makers to co-create a future where everyone’s vision connects and where opportunities can be realised. Staff at Big Innovation Centre also enable clients to access a peer network of business leaders and global executives of major corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, academics, politicians, and policymakers, granting them the opportunity to impact the financial, social, political, and regulatory future with AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies.

2020 has been a disruptive year to say the least, but it has also launched an era of two intense disruptions, including digital disruption and that of intense social movements. Black Lives Matter, the environment, sustainability, and more have been so prevalent this year, and now is the time for businesses and their leaders to be as alive to these trends like never before. They impact on every dimension of business, future workplaces, and markets, and Big Innovation Centre helps its clients understand the significance of them. In 2021, Big Innovation Centre will to launch The Innovators Board, a global combination of top disruptors and innovators within technology and social movements. The aim for The Innovators Board is to be implementors of more purposeful societies, better futures for all, and a better world. That is what innovation is all about, and Big Innovation Centre understands and delivers like no other in the industry.

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