We recognize good innovators and influence public opinion. The Big Innovation Centre is celebrating the most innovative companies and bringing innovation into the mainstream media and the public eye, by creating awareness of the vision and business models it takes to succeed. Towards this end, we are hosting a column in The Guardian called The Innovators, aimed at showcasing and profiling a line-up of ‘good innovators’.

Every week in the Guardian newspaper, the Big Innovation Centre is showcasing some of the world's most innovative companies and the key role innovation plays in business success. We will be celebrating the first year of articles at an event held in conjunction with the Guardian in March 2015.

Every Monday you can check back here or on the Guardian website for the latest article in the series which started in early March 2014.

The Criteria for a Good Innovator: The Big Innovation Centre's 7 Criteria of an innovative company. Read more>

Birgitte launches the column: Our CEO and CoCreator sets out the idea behind the column and why we are partnering with the Guardian to do it. Read more>

How to take part?

  • You can showcase your company’s innovation profile through our Big Innovation Map. This is a related initiative with the Guardian, building on the Innovator’s page in the Guardian and on the Innovator’s 7 criteria scorecard. Showcasing your organization through the Big Innovation Map has a range of economic, data related and PR advantages. Contact Philip Roussos:
  • For any other inquiries regarding the column, contact Hub Director, Helen Lawrence: