Oxford was the first university in the English-speaking world and has 900 years of history. It is made up of over 300 departments, sub-departments, centres and institutes. In addition, 38 colleges, although independent and self-governing, form a core element of the university to which they are related in a federal system.

Drawing on a centuries-old tradition of discovery and invention, modern-day Oxford leads the way in creating jobs, wealth, skills and innovation for the 21st century. Oxford is the leading UK university for knowledge transfer and commercial spin-outs, based on its world-class research across all disciplines and was the UK pioneer in developing a university intellectual property policy.

Why the University of Oxford is supporting the Big Innovation Centre

"Oxford is very pleased to be part of a representative consortium of major UK research universities supporting the Big Innovation Centre. Each of the universities involved (UCL, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Newcastle, Oxford, Sheffield) is committed to the generation, dissemination and utilisation of new knowledge.

We have a substantial record of engagement with business, government and communities of learning and sharing, and will continue to contribute to economic development, culture, better health, quality of life and sustainability. The Big Innovation Centre will assist us to reflect upon and improve this wider interaction, including our collaborations with major industrial partners, in the UK and overseas, to generate and exploit new or improved technologies, products and processes. We will work with all the Big Innovation Centre partners to research and propose ways to develop new knowledge and drive innovation in all sectors, and help to create or influence the conditions designed to make the UK a global innovation hub and drive economic growth."

Professor Ian Walmsley, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, Academic Services and University Collections.

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