Fidelity International offers world class investment solutions and retirement expertise. As a privately owned, independent company, investment is our only business. We are driven by the needs of our clients, not by shareholders. Our vision is to deliver innovative client solutions for a better future.

We invest globally on behalf of clients in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Our clients range from central banks, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, large corporates, financial institutions, insurers and wealth managers, to private individuals. In addition to asset management, we offer investment administration and guidance for employer benefit schemes, advisers and individuals in several countries.

Why Fidelity International is supporting Big Innovation Centre

Fidelity International is delighted to be able to support Big Innovation Centre.  We are a leading investor in companies and invest on behalf of millions of individuals who not only entrust us with their savings but in many cases also depend on the businesses in which we are shareholders.  These companies are dynamic organisations and form a key part of the wealth generation process in our society.  It is essential that all of the factors which contribute to the long-term success of these businesses are properly recognised and Big Innovation Centre brings together a broad range of disciplines to examine this question. 

 We believe that shareholders have an important role to play and one which goes beyond being simply a financial investor.  Through our participation we hope to understand better how we can contribute to the long-term prosperity of the companies in which we invest.  We want to do what we can to ensure the commercial success of these enterprises and also encourage forms of behaviour which safeguard long-term sustainability and wider stakeholder welfare.  We look forward to working collaboratively on this important endeavour.



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