Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and next-generation services. We enable clients, in more than 50 countries, to stay a step ahead of emerging business trends and outperform the competition. We help them transform and thrive in a changing world by co-creating breakthrough solutions that combine strategic insights and execution excellence.

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Why Infosys is supporting the Big Innovation Centre

At Infosys, we believe that the future need not be increments of the past. It can be anything that we imagine and all that we aspire for it to be.  We see a great need to challenge the status quo. Whether it is in the renewal of existing systems and bringing more efficiency or addressing completely new kinds of opportunities that are opening up – we need fresh ideas and innovations. For that to happen, we must find and nurture the entrepreneur within us, dream of possibilities where we earlier saw only obstacles, and grow in our ability to bring our most audacious ideas to life. Technology can help us get there.

As providers of technology services to the world, every day we see technology amplify human potential. It presents us all with the opportunity to leave the mechanizable, repeatable activities that can be modeled and precisely formulated to artificial intelligence, freeing us up to pursue new ideas  and imagine new ways of making. Today, we are helping businesses the world over embrace automation that simplifies work, then leverage that simplification to innovate and bring their creativity, their inventions, into everyday work. Work where software truly complements human imagination to create a better future for us all.

Through our partnership with The Big Innovation Center, we want to help lay the foundation for a future where technology and innovation serve the most fundamental needs of humanity.

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