Alliance Trust Investments

In today’s world there is often a misplaced belief in the permanence of the present which can stifle an investment manager’s ability to accurately pick tomorrow’s winners. At Alliance Trust Investments we think that sustainable investment means investing in companies that are going to contribute towards a positive future. As the world evolves we face many challenges including a growing population and finite resources. We believe the pace and magnitude of change accompanying these challenges is hugely underestimated. The companies that will therefore thrive will be the ones looking to the future and making a positive contribution to our world and society. These companies will inherently be in a better position to prosper so when undervalued, will make better investments. 

We are one of the industry’s largest sustainable investors with over £5bn (as at September 2015) invested on behalf of our institutional, intermediary and retail clients across a range of portfolios covering global and regional equities, fixed income and multi-assets. 

Why Alliance Trust Investments is supporting the Big Innovation Centre

For a long time, financial institutions have been on the back foot when it comes to innovation. Indeed, innovation in finance, real innovation that leads to new products and services for the real economy, is seriously lacking. We need to reinvigorate innovation and encourage new thinking. Innovation should be the beating heart of any company; it results in relevance, strength and a true competitive advantage.At Alliance Trust Investments, innovation is about driving change through investing in forward thinking businesses. It is clear that one of the main contributors to the financial crisis was a culture of short-term thinking, from which we are only just starting to recover. This resulted in pressure on companies to focus solely on short-term shareholder value, sometimes at the expense of other stakeholders (such as customers or broader society) and putting at risk longer-term returns. 

We can’t wait for regulation to change behaviours; we must change ourselves, to instil the right culture and values within our businesses now. Aligning our values and our behaviours with society changes and demands has never been more important. Ultimately, the companies who do this well, will be a more attractive investment for companies like ours.

Through innovative thinking we can work together to create a more resilient future for generations to come.

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