At Juniper Networks, we believe the network is the single greatest vehicle for knowledge, understanding, and human advancement that the world has ever known. Now more than ever, the world relies on high-performance networks. And now more than ever, the world needs network innovation to unleash our full potential.

The network plays a central role in addressing the critical challenges we face as a global community. Consider the healthcare industry, where the network is the foundation for new models of mobile affordable care for underserved communities. Or the energy sector, where the network is helping to accelerate distribution of clean, renewable sources of energy. In education, the network continues to expand access to quality teaching resources, so that people of every socioeconomic background have a chance to educate themselves and participate in the global economy. At its core, the network has become a platform—one that transforms how we interact with our government institutions, conduct business on a daily basis, and connect with our family and friends.

Every day, Juniper Networks is helping our customers build the best networks on the planet. Every innovation we envisage, every technology we create is informed by our desire to help solve our customers’ toughest challenges so they can compete and thrive today and into the future.

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The discussion panel at the Disruptive Forces event with Juniper Networks

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Paul Gainham

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Disruptive Forces: Digital Transformation - Creating A Technology-Driven Business Philosophy

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