Current opportunities for SMEs

If you work in an innovative SME, you can take advantage of Big Innovation Centre’s expertise in the following ways:

  • Find out what sort of innovative business you have and how you can improve here
  • Make use of a platform for trading technologies and expertise here
  • Apply to pitch for finance to both banks and investors here
  • Find out how to value your intangible assets to attract more investment here

Please note, we can’t offer you advice on commercialisation of specific inventions, but can help you find your nearest university or science park.

How we help SMEs

We aim to help SMEs fulfil their innovative capability. Our partnership of a dozen global firms, some of the world’s best universities and public sector organizations is collectively building the platforms to help you access new markets, networks, financing opportunities and skills. These platforms will let you co-create easily with the partners you need and so scale up faster. Think of Big Innovation Centre as a hub at the heart of your innovation ecosystem.



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