CoCreator: Intangible Gold

CoCreator: Intangible Gold

As CoCreator: Intangible Gold at the Big Innovation Centre, David brings an extensive experience of developing and applying ICT to improve performance and productivity at all levels of organisational systems.

As co-founder of One Sigma Ltd in 2004, and Managing Director since, David has focused on the measurement of service productivity. He participated in a longitudinal research project initiated at Donegal County Council in 1998 by the then County Manager (McLoone 2010) under the Irish Government’s Better Local Government (BLG) policy. From 2004 to 2010 he developed a conceptual framework, language, methodology and prototype software applications for measuring service productivity. These have been further developed (2010- 2016) into the current TMS product.

Prior to One Sigma he delivered a number of ICT-based projects in the UK, the USA, and Sweden which included:

  • Product manager for ‘Office Anywhere’ (1996) the first internet and cloud based office service with BT and Digital Equipment Corporation;
  • Author of ‘The Value Program’ (1998) a method to enable sales and marketing professionals to sell the value of their products and services rather than their features. This was implemented in Sweden by Pricer AB world leaders in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) marketplace;
  • Product manager for the first Business to Business (B2B) payment and remittance service (2002). This was developed for BankBoston and Clareon Corporation in the USA. It is now the largest US B2B payment and remittance service operated by Bottom Line Technologies;
  • Product manager for Secure Commercial Settlement (2006). This service was prototyped for Cable and Wireless and aimed to provide better working capital management for buyers and reduced transaction costs for buyers and supplier using electronic invoicing and remittance reconciliation.

He has held a number of senior multinational product management, product marketing and industry marketing positions with Digital Equipment Corporation in the US and Europe. These included: product management for office systems; researcher for Executive Information Systems; product marketing for On-Line Transaction Systems (OLTP) and Financial Industry Systems; European Marketing for Services Industries. His career in ICT began as a graduate trainee for International Computers Ltd (ICL) where he specialised in sales and sales management. He holds a BA in Sociology (Leicester University); and MSc in Business Innovation (Birkbeck College University of London) and is a Ph.D. student at Birkbeck.




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