CEO & CoCreator

CEO & CoCreator

Twitter: @BirgitteBIC

As CEO and CoCreator of the Big Innovation Centre, Professor Birgitte Andersen (PhD Economics) is leading it as a London based open innovation and investment hub of a dozen global companies, world class universities and public organizations. She also leads the development of practical policy proposals to re-balance and grow the UK and global economy.

As co-founder of the Big Innovation Centre, Birgitte brings her particular entrepreneurial skills. She combines thought leadership credentials, commercial flair, a proven entrepreneurial track record and business innovation experience. Since April 2011 she has rapidly – through a strong vision – directed and grown the Big Innovation Centre to become a building block in the innovation landscape in the UK and European Union. She is now accelerating the BIC vision with thought leaders, innovative companies and ‘what works’ innovators globally.

Birgitte brings a wealth of experience across the innovation ecosystem to the Big Innovation Centre. During the boom she set up and ran for 10 years (2000 to 2010) probably London’s biggest interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes (across the Departments of Management, Economics and Computer Science) on E-Commerce and Business Innovation at Birkbeck College, University of London, where she is also Professor of the Economics and Management of Innovation. In her intellectual life she has developed an international reputation as an expert in business innovation and technology policy, the productivity of services, the economics and strategic aspects of intellectual property and intellectual property rights (IPRs), as well as university–industry knowledge flows. Her work is discussed in the media, published in business magazines and peer-reviewed journals, as well as highlighted in national and international government reports. She is used by the UK courts as an expert witness on cases involving IP markets. She was recently the Rapporteur for the EU expert group on Knowledge Transfer and Open Innovation.

Before the Big Innovation Centre demerged from The Work Foundation in 2014, where she directed the Centre for three years, she was Professor of Business and Innovation at Lancaster University Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development. She received her doctorate from the University of Reading and started her career as researcher at University of Manchester’s Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition (now Manchester Institute for Innovation Research).

In her early career she directed several pan-EU framework programmes on innovation including one of the largest-ever pan-EU projects. She quickly became an advisor on innovation and IP matters for economists and policy makers of national and international governments, such as the UK Department of Trade and Industry; the Intellectual Property Office; Brazilian Patent Office; Danish Ministry for Science, Technology and Development; United Nations (ILO and UNCTAD); Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), and Industry Canada; as well as leading interest organizations; and large firms. One year she was selected to participate in the UK group making nominations for the Queen’s Honours List in the field of entrepreneurship and charity work.

“The new world of amazing 21st century digital technology able to connect everything with everything also needs amazing people co-creating the solutions for business and a better society. I have been firmly committed to open innovation throughout my professional career, and am delighted that the Big Innovation Centre hub of thought leaders, innovative organizations and ‘what works’ innovators is in an even better position to make this a reality. The relationships, research and co-creation platforms – such as our Labs of Labs, Entrepreneurial Finance Hub, Big Innovation Map, Technology Accelerator to name just a few – we have created are unique; and with our track record of success – including our successful open innovation showcase to the G8 Delegation at the invitation of the government, I am looking forward to doing very much more with even more impact and scale.”




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