The Big Innovation Centre develops practical policy proposals to re-balance and grow the global economy. We do this by advising economists and policy makers of national governments in and beyond Europe, including working with EU expert groups.


For example, our CEO Birgitte Andersen was recently the appointed Rapporteur for the EU Expert group (set up by DG Research and Innovation) on knowledge transfer and open innovation to the European Commission, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (SME, Entrepreneurship, Innovation section) is represented on the Big Innovation Centre Research Board.

We work with national governments – including the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in the UK – to advance a vision of what a world-class innovation ecosystem would look like in 2025 with an outline of the key institutions and policies needed to achieve this. We identify the key areas and markets that drive innovation and call for government action to support economic growth in the context of building global innovation hubs. Big Innovation Centre contributes to the UK government’s ongoing Growth Review, Research and Innovation Strategy and other pertinent policy arenas, while continuing to inform the thinking of the all UK main political parties.

Similarly, we advise governments internationally, including Denmark and Japan, through the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK Trade and Investment. The Big Innovation Centre was one of the ten UK organizations showcased at the G8 Summit 2013 because of our innovative approach to solving the socio-economic challenges in the areas of health, energy, finance and Big Data.



October 2011 - The Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth is launched in the Big Innovation Centre by Rt. Hon David Willetts MP, Minister of State for Innovation. The strategy has adopted our language of ‘the innovation ecosystem’. Later the minister describes us a “the perfect place to launch the Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth”.

October 2012 - Big Innovation Centre’s Diagnostic Tools showcased with the Department of Business Innovation and Skills to provide a ‘health-check’ on where the weak links in the innovation ecosystem are, and to inform the Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth

December 2012The Government’s IP strategy “Securing Growth through Intellectual Property” is launched in the Big Innovation Centre by Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills  

January 2013 - The BIC Director is appointed Rapporteur for the EU Expert group on Knowledge Transfer and Open Innovation, set up by DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission under the Capacities work programme 2012 with the aim to provide ‘Support for the coherent development of Research Policies’ and ‘Strengthening of the evidence base and monitoring performance.’ 

February 2013Our input to the Government initiative on ‘Digital Copyright Exchange’ is featured on the Intellectual Property Website. Big Innovation Centre Director joins panel with Richard Hooper in Tech City, who undertook the Feasibility Study 

March 2013 - Big Innovation Centre researchers acknowledge in major government report “No stone unturned: in pursuit of growth” - Independent report by Lord Heseltine with recommendations on how to increase UK growth

Spring 2013The Government’s Data Strategy Board invites Big Innovation Centre to participate Big Data in round tables. This board is an initiative of the Department of Business of the Skills, and chaired by John Dodds. On invitation Big Innovation Centre makes submission to the Shakespeare Review on Big Data.

November 2014) - The Entrepreneurial Finance Hub of the Big Innovation Centre is cited in The Scale-Up Report on UK Economic Growth, commissioned by UK Government and written by Sherry Coutu. Page 67: “Key areas where progress has already been made … the Big Innovation Centre’s Entrepreneurial Finance Hub will build solutions to finance high-growth firms through the critical phases of growth”

December 2014 – Big Innovation Centre is cited in the Government’s plan for Growth: Science and Innovation: “Arguably, in an increasingly open innovation ecosystem, where Government has a leading partnership role, together with businesses, academia and our international collaborators, there is an increasingly clear and evident need to address and overcome both market and system failures (see Table 2) and to unlock the value from advancing the frontiers of knowledge” (p. 22)