Scotland and the North: How Big Innovation Centre is Supporting Regional Innovation Hubs

28th October 2015

Matt Johnson

Since day one Big Innovation Centre’s vision has been to make Britain a global open innovation hub. Through our catalytic projects, including the Entrepreneurial Finance Hub, Intellectual Property Exchange and Big Innovation Map, we are making this vision a reality by developing platforms to connect innovative companies to IP-intelligent growth finance, to enable efficient exchange of innovative technologies, and to better understand the innovative capabilities of organisations throughout the UK and beyond.

We have tackled these challenges from our base of operations here in London. Increasingly, however, we are finding that we need a regional approach, especially in areas where less innovation infrastructure exists. Knowledge and technologies are being created throughout the UK -- in places like Edinburgh and Manchester, Cardiff and Birmingham, Aberdeen and Liverpool -- but companies often have to go to London for support to confront innovation challenges or raise finance to scale up.

That is why we are launching BIC North and BIC Scotland -- to boost regional support, enhance innovation clusters throughout the UK and help to ensure they have the tools they require to be successful. This means working with BIC partners like the Scottish Government to establish an Entrepreneurial Finance Hub in Scotland and to provide access to markets for Scottish Universities and companies via our IP Exchange. We are also in discussions with city councils, including Manchester and Birmingham, to establish greater BIC support in those jurisdictions.

What we look to achieve is a BIC presence in all the innovation clusters of the UK. We can combine knowledge and information from each of these clusters to create an even better environment for innovation and growth throughout the country. If we focus on where innovation is happening and support it locally through application of BIC services and thought leadership we can be greater than the sum of our parts.

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Matt Johnson