The Big Innovation Centre is a unique network of experts across the areas of:

  • Business models and strategy – how disruptive innovation challenges can be turned into opportunities
  • Enterprising state – how the state can enable and co-create global innovation hubs
  • Entrepreneurial finance – how financial ecosystems can scale innovating and fast-growing SMEs
  • Intellectual property – how IP, Big Data, intangible assets and the digital sharing revolution can best unleash entrepreneurship, innovation and growth
  • Markets and networks – how markets and networks are formed and become embedded in the way open innovation labs operate
  • Universities and skills – how businesses get the most from the science base and become entrepreneurial co-creators

Our work is intellectually and practically grounded, and is underpinned by evidence-based research into the most pressing issues facing global economies today.

The Big Innovation Centre is running 10 catalytic projects, listed below: