Big Innovation Centre: Purposeful Company project challenge session Bank of England

8 January 2016 | 09:00 – 11:00

The Big Innovation Centre is working on a report about the value of purposeful companies. One 

section of this paper looks at how publicly-listed companies are becoming increasingly distracted 

from their purpose (are “de-purposed”) due to the short-termism in financial markets. The BoE’s role 

in this project has been to gather evidence of short-termism and its consequential effects on the 

economy. We recognise that there are competing arguments for the evidence that we present, and 

these fall into two strands:

1. Those who argue that short-termism does not exist in financial markets 

2. Those who concede that short-termism does exist, but do not consider it a problem

The will form the core of the discussion to be followed by a Task Meeting 25 January, with key stakeholders.