Co-creation is at our heart: We believe that successful innovation comes from the open interaction of disciplines, industries, organizations and occupations. See what supporters and partners in Big Innovation Centre say it means to them.

The key reasons why organisations join Big Innovation Centre are:

  • Membership provides access to strategic networks in a neutral and non-competitive high trust environment to make connections not otherwise possible.
  • We act as catalysts in co-shaping organizations' innovation and business model strategies that are both practical and intellectually grounded.
  • We promote interactive learning so that challenges are jointly addressed and solutions shared among partners.
  • The Action Groups and Forums act as testbeds – currently focusing on Big Data, Entrepreneurial Finance, 'Health+' and Open Innovation Labs.
  • We co-ordinate research to provide government, EU and OECD with an evidence base for policy making which promotes innovation. The focus is on markets & networks, finance for innovation, university–business interaction, business models, the purposeful company, Intellectual Property and an enterprising state.
  • Our thought leadership provides a touchpoint with the cutting edge of innovation and what is most likely to disrupt your future business.

One of the indirect advantages of Big Innovation Centre membership is that organizations are overtly putting their public interest, co-creation principles to work with other private businesses, public agencies and universities – and so creating a coalition of support.


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