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Helen Lawrence
Hub Director
T 020 3713 4036

Find out how we make a difference

“The Big Innovation Centre will think, influence and do, so contributing to make Britain a global innovation hub.”

Will Hutton
Chair of the Big Innovation Centre

The Big Innovation Centre exists to make the UK a global open innovation hub, to build a world-class innovation ecosystem, and re-balance and grow the UK economy.

No single organisation has the capacity to transform the innovation ecosystem alone. Through acting as a testbed for open innovation and collective action, the Big Innovation Centre develops evidence-based recommendations on how the UK can become a global innovation hub and transform the UK economy.

Launched by Business Secretary Vince Cable in September 2011, the Big Innovation Centre’s most significant achievements have been:

  • Embedding the concept of the ‘innovation ecosystem’ into BIS’s thinking, as embodied in the government’s Innovation and Research Strategy
  • Hosting the launch of the Innovation and Research Strategy in December 2011, where David Willetts said that “there was no better place to launch [this] strategy”
  • Influencing the wider government growth review, by holding workshops for civil servants and presenting at ministerial roundtables on the Heseltine Review
  • Building an effective network between a group of businesses, universities and policy makers
  • Working with the Intellectual Property Office to provide evidence for a more flexible, innovation-friendly approach to intellectual property
  • Working with HEFCE, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), and all of our university partners to develop better approaches to university–business interactions.

The Big Innovation Centre aims to help shape both the strategic direction and the practical detail of government policy. Our convening power also allows us to tackle policy challenges that sit between different policy organisations, and require coordination. We have been engaged by BIS to co-develop two major policy tools for the Department, an approach that is seen as a major innovation in policy making by BIS.