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Open Innovation and Business Models for SMEs
Fully funded event for established SMEs to discover the potential of open innovation and develop new business models

05 April 2013

Realising the value of ‘Open Innovation’
Open innovation’ is an incredibly powerful concept through which ideas can be shared and built upon across organisational boundaries. The term refers to both the sourcing and involvement of external stakeholders in the innovation process and the movement toward embedding 'openness' and collaboration as a key part of their organisational approach to innovation.

21 June 2012

Economic Development: Innovating for Local Growth?
The UK economy faces an era of unprecedented challenges with the recession widening pre-existing disparities in the performance of cites and Local Government struggling to respond to the massive reductions in public expenditure.

08 March 2012

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It was bad capitalism that got us into this crisis - good capitalism that will get us out
Will Hutton speaks at Birkbeck's Business Week 2012 in the School of Business, Economics and Informatics.

Big Innovation Centre
13 July 2012

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Intellectual Assets and Innovation: The SME Dimension
The UK entry “Intellectual Asset Management: Strategies for Diverse Innovations” by Prof Birgitte Andersen and Dr Federica Rossi was Commissioned by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

OECD - citing UK entry “Intellectual Asset Management: Strategies for Diverse Innovations” : The UK entry by Prof Birgitte Andersen and Dr Federica Rossi
05 December 2011

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UK failure to meet changing consumer demands fuels rising imports and damages recovery
The UK economy has failed to adapt to changes in consumer tastes over the past decade, leading to an over-reliance on imported goods. This trend is now holding back the UK’s prospects for recovery, according to a report published today (11 July) by the business-backed Big Innovation Centre. The research calls on the government to help boost growth by increasing investment and support for emerging consumer markets and our most competitive export industries.

11 July 2012

Big Innovation Centre welcomes the Government’s new innovation strategy
Charles Levy, Senior Economist at the Big Innovation Centre commented: “Today the government is rightly recognising innovation as the foundation of our modern economy. The government is a central player in the public and private networks that underpin innovation in our economy, and this strategy will enhance that role.

08 December 2011

Big Innovation Centre shows the five key areas of growth which will create jobs and speed up recovery
The government must throw its weight behind the five key sectors that could pull Britain clear of recession and create a wave of new jobs. With this morning’s (14 September) job figures expected to add to the gloom surrounding the UK economy, a report published today by the Big Innovation Centre suggests that Britain still has some major economic strengths that can be built upon. But, it argues, for Britain to achieve its full potential in these areas, the government must change its approach to the economy, and deal with the fundamental issues that are holding back growth in these areas.

14 September 2011